Why A-Z Training Centre?

Why us

1. To get one stop services. We provide a wide range of services such as Trainings and Professional Certifications, Placements, Career Advice, education and management consultancy services.

2. To get genuine and authentic advisory services and information as the Centre is operated by very well experienced and competent management members. We offer only externally accredited trainings and certification programmes and taught by the highly experienced and competent trainers and teachers.

3. To get impartial and confidential guidance and consultancy services from experienced team members with in-depth knowledge of current market trends. We boast the commitment of well experienced management team and counselors involved in the education consultancy services since last 15-18 years. As experience always matters, our clients will get the best out of the experienced and professional staffs of A-Z Training Centre Ltd.

4. To get work experience while studying, we provide work based qualifications and placement services. Not many trainings and educational consultancy service providers help you to find work placement as A-Z Training Centre does. One of our main objectives is to help students to gain work experience in their relevant fields while studying. We focus mainly on work based or competency based qualifications where students gain hands on experience and get ready for the industry prior to completing their enrolled programmes. Furthermore, we have very good working relationship with employers and recruitment agencies for students work placements. Work placement is usually paid placement which can lessen your financial burden so that you can concentrate on study for higher grade.