How to become a Dental Nurse

how to become dental nurse

Become a Dental Nurse

Are you strong in sciences and do people commend you for your beautiful smile and awesome dental formula? If so, then you may make a good candidate for a dental nurse. Dental nurses assist dentists in various ways of dental care, ranging from routine checkups up sometimes to specialist treatments. However, passion for science, a good smile and an impeccable dental orientation are not the only requirements needed for you to become a dental nurse.

The journey towards becoming a dental nurse begins by getting relevant training where you will take a variety of dental nurse courses. You can decide to take the courses on a part time or a full time basis since there are quite a number of dental schools in London which allow students with such flexibilities.

Whether you study part time or full time, you must qualify and be approved by the General Dental Council and also register with the same body as a Dental Nurse. Approved courses for dental nurse in the United Kingdom include the following:

Certificate of Higher Education in Dental Nursing

  • Level 3 Diploma in Dental Nursing
  • Foundation Degree in Dental Nursing
  • National Diploma in Dental Nursing

There are a number of dental schools in London or various institutions offering training for dental nurses. The entry requirements will vary from one institution to another and it may sometimes depend on whether or not you have some background in dental nursing. Feel free to consult the various institutions about the specific requirements they need for one to take their courses for dental nurse.

Apart from taking courses for dental nurses, you can also become a dental nurse through an apprentice scheme. With most of such arrangements, you will be required to complete a diploma qualification before you can apply for registration as a dental nurse. Check with your area the type of schemes available for people who want to become dental nurses.

how to become dental nurse

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