Demand of Dental Nurse in UK

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Dental nurses hold a unique position within the dentistry field in the United Kingdom. They work alongside dentist surgeons to offer general as well as specialist treatments to patients. Other than working alongside dental surgeons, they also have a duty to educate patients on oral health and hygiene as well as promote other kinds of services and products offered by their facilities. Their job is thus a noble duty that requires both professional and personal skills for them to offer their services effectively.


Recent statistics suggest that there is an increase in the demand for dental nurses in the United Kingdom. So dire is the situation that most dental surgeons had to hire and train nurses from other countries to act as their dental nurses. Several factors could be responsible for the biting shortage of dental nurses in UK hospitals and there is a genuine and urgent need for the situation to be re-mediated.

One of the reasons for the shortage in supply of dental nurses in UK can be attributed to time constraints in the training and qualification. The training demands and qualifications needed for one to become a dental nurse is a bit demanding for many in UK. Candidates are also required to be accredited by the GDC or work as a dental nurse trainee for two years before getting certified. Such time constraints have an impact on nurses, especially those studying part and they end up not completing the courses leading to a shortage of dental nurses in UK.

Demand of Dental Nurse in the UK

But despite the challenges discouraging or barring most potential nurses from becoming registered dental nurses, the prospects in the industry are still bright, especially with the recent increase in the minimum wage for dental nurses. This can act as an incentive for some people to work hard so that they can enjoy the lucrative pay among other benefits.

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  1. Hello,
    I am from Nepal I want to know that does my certificate of 3 years Dental Hygienist from Nepal will help me to work in UK or there is no value of it?

  2. Dental nurses are known as healthcare professionals and study to gain qualifications. The wages do not reflect this at all and now days i know girls working in supermarkets who earn more money. The job is very under appreciated. This is a huge reason for the shortage. More and more leaving the profession than ever. Ever increasing use of agency staff. Its demoralising.

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