Dental Nurse salary

Dental Nurse Salary in the UK

Dental Nurse job description The basic job description of a dental nurse can fall under the compass of facilitation. They are meant to be assisting their dental surgeon with allotted …

Dental Nurse Diploma

Different Dental Nursing Courses

Different Dental Nursing Courses There are two methods through which one can become a dental nurse in the United Kingdom. The first method is gaining the required skills and knowledge …

Oral Health Education

What Is Oral Health Education

WHAT IS ORAL HEALTH EDUCATION? Oral Health Education is an additional skill recommended for dental nurses by the General Dental Council (GDC). Though it is not a requirement for registration, …

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Training for Dental Nurses

One can train to become a dental nurse in the UK by two methods. The first option is to train on the job as a trainee with an NHS organisation or a private dental practice and the second option is to take a full-time college course in dental nursing.

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What You Need To Know About Courses for Dental Nurse

There are several options for an interested candidate to start training to become a dental nurse. However, it will require determination and commitment throughout the training period. The two main courses for dental nurse that you can consider as a way of starting your journey to become a licensed nurse.

Oral Health Education

Demand of Dental Nurse in UK

Dental nurses hold a unique position within the dentistry field in the United Kingdom. They work alongside dentist surgeons to offer general as well as specialist treatments to patients. Other than working alongside dental surgeons, they also have a duty to educate patients on oral health and hygiene as well as promote other kinds of services and products offered by their facilities.

how to become dental nurse

How to become a Dental Nurse

The journey towards becoming a dental nurse begins by getting relevant training where you will take a variety of dental nurse courses. You can decide to take the courses on a part time or a full time basis since there are quite a number of dental schools in London which allow students with such flexibilities.